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What To Do If Your Child Knocks Out a Baby Tooth

Fall is here again and the beautiful weather means more outdoor activities.  Kids are out there biking, scooting and running around….and falling off those bikes and scooters!!!  Do you know what to do if your child knocks out a tooth?  Or chips one? Today I am going to start a series of blogs on dental […]

About The Author JilaMahajan

Dr. Jila Mahajan is owner of Kids First Dentistry, located at 4495 Roosevelt Blvd Suite 111, Jacksonville, Florida 32210.

“The name of our practice clearly reflects our philosophy: We truly strive to put your children and their needs first! We recognize that children are individuals with unique needs and temperaments. We have the experience and compassion to give each child a positive dental experience as well as quality care. Our goal is to provide a fun and gentle dental home for your child. In our office they will learn the habits that will provide them with a lifetime of great oral health. We want your child to be happy and excited when they come back and visit us!”

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Vibrant Life Health Center

Meet Tracy Thomas of Vibrant Life Health Center, located at 12627 San Jose Blvd here in Jacksonville, Florida . . . and find out how they can help YOU! Tracy, tell us about Vibrant Life Health Center! We at Vibrant Life Health Center are here to help you obtain optimum performance so that you feel […]

About The Author Tracy Thomas

Tracy Thomas and the team at Vibrant Life Health Center understand and celebrate that each person is uniquely different and require specific services that focus on the health care needs of each person. Our services have been developed to provide the highest quality, effectiveness, and safety for each patient. Our approach is to transform our patients health focusing on their health and function, educating on lifestyle to transform the whole body.

We are located at 12627 San Jose Blvd, Suite 502. Contact us for an appointment at 904-683-8177.

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Q&A with Tara Johnson about Advocare

Let’s get to know Tara Johnson, Advocare rep and newest member of the Jacksonville Women’s Small Business group! Tara, please tell us about Advocare. Advocare has amazing products for EVERY person! Right now, I mostly use the energy and weight loss products, but they have something for everyone! Since 1993, AdvoCare has been a world-class […]

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