Welcome to the Jacksonville Women’s Small Biz!  My name is Kate and I’m happy to have you as part of the network!

I will do a Facebook post on our fan page to introduce your business to all our fans within the next 1-3 days.  You can then post about your business directly on the Facebook FAN page up to twice a week HERE.  After I see your post, I will then schedule it to be reposted so that it will go out into the newsfeed for all the fans. (Please note that turnaround times vary for reposting.  It could be anywhere from immediate to up to 2 days depending on what is already scheduled ahead of yours.  Please plan accordingly if a post is time-sensitive.)

I will also email you in invite to join our closed Facebook group page for business owners. This is not the place to do regular posts about your business/products (that’s what the fan page is for, which I just mentioned above), but this is where you can share resources and ask questions of the other business owners who are part of the Jacksonville Women’s Small Biz.  It’s also a great place to stay in the loop about upcoming vendor events that you can be a part of!

You can also start writing your complimentary blog post!  Take a look at the others at on this website for inspiration, and I am also here to help with that, as well.  (And I can edit it to make it look good, etc.)  Simply email me your ideas or to ask my ideas and we’ll work together to get it done.

Any questions, just let me know.  Welcome to the group!


Kate Robinson-Chavez
Jacksonville Women’s Small Biz