To take full advantage of all life has to offer we must support our minds and bodies too! There was a time that we looked around and realized that we were tired, achy, and not very happy. All we could picture doing at the end of the day was to find the couch. My husband was experiencing migraines. I had headaches and neck issues; and neither of us had any energy. This is not the life we were meant to live. I believe each of us were created with unique gifts and talents that we are meant to share with others. To be healthy means that you can joyfully interact with others, take advantage of opportunities, and create some of your own.

My journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling life, is constant and oh so rewarding! A year ago when I found essential oils my world exploded! I felt as though I had found a missing link, the tools that would allow me to support myself and my family from our home! We considered ourselves a healthy and active family with good food, exercise, and healthy habits. So what were we missing? So much!!! I began reading labels – ALL labels. I found that my foods, my cleaners, and my beauty products were not what they seemed. I found that these companies are allowed to produce and sell products that are harmful to us! I began “detoxifying my home”, and the results were astounding! We saw direct health benefits such as cessation of migraines, improved sleep, and improved energy levels. But we also experienced many unexpected results. Providing healthy, cheap, homemade alternatives for my family is very empowering! My mind has been opened in so many ways; and we are stronger, healthier, and have more opportunities in front of us! Knowing that my children will grow up with this knowledge is rewarding beyond measure!

Now it is your turn, and it is time to get tough (for your future and your loved ones). We are going to take a hard look at the chemicals in your home. Begin by reading labels! All labels! Just as you had to learn to do with food, read the label of everything that goes on your body, cleans your home, protects your skin, ….. states that women can absorb over 5 lbs of chemicals per year just from our beauty products! And that is just our beauty products. Add in the chemicals from our cleaning supplies and food sources and we are a pool of toxicity. There are over 60 toxins in the average household! So the next time you pick up a cleaning product read the label before you spray your counter, floors, or appliances. Before you wash your hair or clean your face, read the ingredients list.

Why are these ingredients such a problem? Before you say, “I am healthy”. My organs work fine understand that by the time lab work shows up abnormal that organ must be 70% dysfunctioning (at least). So you could have perfectly normal lab work and be running at 40%. Because these chemicals are known endocrine disruptors, which alter the hormones that regulate nearly all of our functions! From metabolism, to energy levels, stress response, and mood. And then there is CANCER. Cancer is a mutation in the DNA of our cells. Agents, other than genetic alterations, that cause these changes are caused carcinogens. Carcinogens are often environmental, which can indicate anything in our surroundings from pollution, to radiation, to personal habits (smoking), to chemicals in our cleaners and beauty products, to materials within our home. The American Cancer society also lists sleep/circadian rhythm disruption as a probable carcinogen.

As stated by the American Cancer Society (Click here to view article).

Now that you know what you are exposed to on a daily basis let’s talk about alternatives. Making your own products can be overwhelming at first; but once you get your hands wet you will find it is easy and fun! When my cleaner runs out, or I am out of face toner, I run to my laundry room and whip up a new batch – done! It can be that easy for you too. I will give you a “pantry list” that will make it easy for you to mix almost anything you need. In addition you will learn the basics of mixing.

If all of this is still overwhelming then pick a category to tackle. For instance, gather up all of your cleaners one day. Grab 3 new spray bottles, your essential oils, liquid castile soap, vinegar, and a carrier oil. With just these items you can replace all of your household cleaning products! Not only will you detoxify your home, but bugs hate several essential oils. Add Peppermint EO to your cleaners and you will find your crawling and flying creatures have disappeared too. All with 3 spray bottles! You can duplicate some or you can put them all in a carrier and use the same ones throughout the entire house!

Next, gather up your cleansers, lotions, and toners. Get a foaming pump bottle, a regular pump bottle, and a cruet. Witch Hazel, coconut oil, shea butter, castile soap, and essential oils. You can make most any beauty product with these ingredients! You will not only be ridding your home of toxins, but with essential oils you will actually be supporting healthy body function! The rewards for your efforts will be unending!

A wise man in my life says that each day should be full of small, good decisions. That is what you are going to do. Each day you are going to make a small, good decision to improve your health and quality of life!

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Author: Amber N Osborne, BS, BSN, CRNA
Young Living Distributor



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