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I am sharing the following Blog from Imogene McCreary – Jacksonville Women’s Small Business member and a small business owner.

I wrote the following blog over a year ago, and I thought it needed to be reposted. It’s important that small independent business women be supported. This doesn’t just apply to physical events, but also to those ladies that sell products and services online. They try so hard to make shopping a pleasant and personal experience!

Pssst! Today’s Gossip – why we should shop and frequent women-owned small business.

As I attended a small community event today, I had the opportunity to observe many small business women as they attended to the needs of their customers. I was extremely dismayed at the small number of people who came out in support of these hardworking ladies.

For some reason, the public at large, likes to shop at the larger retail chains. Then they like to complain about the long lines, rude sales people or other shoppers, and of course the lack of parking. There are many reasons why we should support small businesses, especially those owned and operated by women.

The Community – these small businesses play a vital role in the success of the communities where they are located. First of all, many of these small businesses are run from home. This saves on fuel costs and cuts down the traffic. Small businesses also put revenue back in to their communities. These ladies support each other by buying gifts, trading ideas, and providing moral support. They go to the local grocery stores, beauty salons/barbers, doctor’s office, etc. when was the last time you saw an executive from say Target, Wal-Mart, or Dillard’s in your local grocery store? When we spend money at large chain stores, the vast majority of the revenues goes into making the executives of those companies richer and does very little to support your local community.

The small business also helps to meet the needs of the community. They can cater to people in smaller numbers and not have to carry merchandise or services that is required by the vast majority of the population. Most small businesses specialize in a specific niche, for example cosmetics, candles, or fragrances.

Women who are small business owners are usually able to tend to the needs of their families. This lessens the number of “latch-key” kids which equates to children being left home alone and unsupervised. I mention this because this too has a direct impact on the community.

The Customer – women are naturally passionate creatures at heart; therefore, they tend to choose a business that they are very passionate about. This in turn benefits the customer and creates a more personal relationship. The small business owner pays particular attention, and places a greater emphasis on customer satisfaction because of this bond. It’s all about developing customer relationships and customer satisfaction instead of the profits to be made. When was the last time you shopped at a large retail chain and felt that the sales person really cared about your needs or what kind of day you were having? Every good business woman knows that a satisfied customer is a customer for life!

The Flexibility – there is more flexibility for the small business owner which benefits the customer. When a customer has a special request or need, the small business owner can make a quick decision without having to go through the hierarchy above her. This also leads to more customer satisfaction. The next time you go to a national retail store, go ahead and ask for a special deal. I’ll bet the first response is, “Oh, we can’t do that!”

So as I sat there watching these small business women building relationships chatting one-on-one with their customers, I had to wonder how many of them will be back next year. Will they continue to grow their small businesses or will they have to eventually give up and go to work for corporate America? Will I even be here? But I can tell you this, I will support small businesses by becoming one of their valued customers! Will you?

The next time you step up to a retail counter to purchase that eyeliner or lipstick, ask yourself, could I get a better selection and service by finding a small business woman to buy from? The next time you think you need to run out to the mall, ask yourself, do I want to stand in long lines, do I want to be ignored or have to hunt down a sales person? Do I want my questions to go unanswered? I bet you answered no to these questions. Go seek out an independent business woman online and shop from the comfort of your home. You’ll be glad you did!

Until next time my happy shoppers,

Imogene McCreary


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